Please read carefully


I/We, the above Participant(s) and/or spouse and/or parents/guardians of the above Participant(s), do hereby consent to my/our/his/her participation in the above activity or program during the above-referenced session and any subsequent session for which an additional registration fee is paid, including all programs incidental thereto (the “Activity”).
I/We understand and acknowledge that there are risks and hazards associated with participation in the Activity and that the Participant should not participate in the Activity unless medically able. I fully understand and acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to ascertain any and all elements of risk associated with participation in the Activity that could be harmful to me/us/him/her as a Participant.
I/We hereby assume all responsibilities for, and risk and hazards of, participation in the Activity, including, but not limited to,transportation to and from all programs in the Activity, falls, contact with other participants or equipment, effects of weather, equipment failure, and condition of facility or playing area.
I hereby give the City of Chamblee (“City”) permission to take photographs of me/us/him/her without compensation to me, which may be used by the City for promotional and/or informational purposes in print, on the City website and/or in other media.
I/We have read and understand the refund policies as listed on the City website and any and all other City policies and/or rules applicable to the Activity, including those referenced below. Having read and fully understanding this waiver, and in consideration of being allowed to participate in the Activity, I/We hereby release and forever discharge the City of Chamblee, the City of Chamblee Parks and Recreation Department, and their respective officials, officers, employees, sponsors, organizers, supervisors, volunteers, representatives, and agents, from any and all claims, liabilities, actions or causes of action, of whatever kind and nature, including claims for property damage, bodily injury or death, arising out of, or sustained as a result of, my/our/his/her participation in the Activity.